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At Outdoor Cleaning and Gardening, we are experts in landscape design. Landscape design involves integrating natural elements with constructed ones. We can design and create elegantly beautiful gardens that won't want to wait to show off.

Landscape design is intricate work, where every aspect is important from the shape of a flower bed to the position of a specific plant. Because of this, designers follow a set of principles or rules that ensure the garden is fantastic to look at and use and don't feel cluttered or boring. These rules include:


The elements of your garden must complement each other and feel like they belong together. This can be achieved with repetition of features and objects such as the same kinds of plants or multiple uses of the same materials.


Equality is key with a well-styled garden. Keeping the flower beds the same size and shape and having the features on each side of the garden equal in proportion will create a visibly pleasing space.


The colours in your garden truly highlight it's character. You should carefully select the colours within the garden so that they complement each other and work together without looking too random.


Lines are used throughout the whole garden, from the edges flowerbeds to pathways and other landscaping features. The lines are intended to give an impression of depth and movement in the garden.


Proportioning in landscaping design is considering the size of an element in relation to another. Planning how one element of the garden will look with an adjacent one is important to ensure that the features look neat and compliment each other.

We consider all of these principles with every landscaping design job we undertake. We work with our clients to create a beautiful garden that combines style and practicality in a way that suits them.

So if you are in Louth and are looking for a team of landscape designers to help with your next garden project, then look no further. Contact us at Outdoor Cleaning and Gardening with any enquiries or for a quote. You can reach us on 07564 809730 or by filling out the enquiry form on our contact page.

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