Groundworks in Louth

Providing all aspects of groundwork services throughout Louth areas.

Outdoor cleaning and Gardening specialise at providing all aspects of groundwork throughout Louth. The groundworks in our homes are one of the most vital features used to support all of the structures and building work above. With over 15 years of experience, our builders have mastered all elements of groundwork related tasks.

The primary need for groundwork is in preparation for a structure or pathway to be built on top of it. A strong foundation is crucial whether it's supporting a fence, a shed or any other feature of your garden. Without proper groundwork and foundations, our structures will not be adequately supported and may sink or slump, or in severe situations may collapse completely.

The groundworks in our homes also house features that are key in the drainage of sewage and surface water away from our properties. At Outdoor Cleaning and Gardening, we can install the underground pipework that is essential for any home or business.

At Outdoor Cleaning and Gardening, we specialise in trench fill foundations, which is the fastest and most popular foundation method available. Trench foundations are created by digging a shallow ditch which is then almost entirely filled with concrete, normally within 150mm of the surface ground level. This method means there is no need for bricklaying below the surface, significantly reducing the construction time.

So if you are planning on a project that will require groundworks then speak to the experts today. We are located in Louth and serve all of Lincolnshire. You can ring us on 07564 809730, or you can fill out the enquiry form located on our contact page.

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Groundwork Services in Louth